The Art History of Technology: Translucent things, bad special effects, machine art, miniature everything, games, comics.

Greg Borenstein. Researcher at MIT Media Lab, Playful Systems.

“The word singularity is a lie, both in SF and in life. There is no one singularity. You keep pushing through them, and it’s fucking terrifying, and fucking amazing. You wake up and one day the USSR is gone and the tech boom crashed and you’re divorced and you sell tires instead of playing professional soccer and your toaster wants to talk to you about pork futures and the size of your penis and your sofa wants to have a serious conversation about the works of Vernor Vinge. You wake up and you’re making independent movies instead of selling tires and Europe up and got themselves a common currency and you had twin girls when you thought your birth control was top notch and the Supreme Court threw an election and gay marriage is so old-fashioned when there are four sexes and flights to Saturn leave daily.”

—   Catherynne M. Valente (via varanine)

(Source: unclewhisky, via new-politic)

  • 8 February 2013
  • 25